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Menachem Kimron 13.12.1947
2004-Costa Rica - Many's House - La Joya de Ballena

Representing Tdsoft in Germany.
May 1998 Tdsoft appointed me as their Sales Representative in Germany.
At that time Tdsoft didn’t have any sales activities in Germany.
During the first two years I introduced Tdsoft and its products to all the big
players in the Telecom businesses like; Deutsche Telekom, Arcor, O2,
QSC, Siemens, Alcatel,Lucent, Marconi,Nortel and, most of the city carriers.
This sales activities resulted in all the sales that Tdsoft as made until now, and few
test installation.As the amount of opportunities grew to be too much
for one sales representative Tdsoft opened their own office, and
some of the accounts moved to the office and I was appointed as the
Sales Representative for the German speaking countries.

1996 - 1998
The Ultimate Toy-Sabbatical Year -Pesek Zman - Blue Alachar.
1993-1997 Ceibo Entwicklungssysteme GmbH, Germany
Owner & CEO (Geschaeftsfuehrer).
Founded and established a sales network in virtually all Western
European countries, and some Eastern European countries as well.
The company imported and marketed development tools for the Intel 51
and 80XX Microcontrollers and Microprocessors.
The products were sold to end-users and through Distributors in most of Western
In 1997 sold company to a German competitor.

1991-1993 Teledata GmbH (Germany)
Owner & CEO (Geschaeftsfuehrer).
Establishment of the company that represented Teledata (Israel) in
Germany and sold Teledata’s equipment to Deutsche Telekom.
-In 1993 sold the company to Teledata (Israel).
-Negotiations at Executive level.
-Management of Multi-Million US $ contracts.

1988-1991 Digelec GmbH (Germany)
CEO (Geschaeftsfuehrer)
Managing the company, a Subsidiary of Digitronics Ltd. (Israel).
Sales of different programmers for Eprom & Asics to end users and
through Distributors in most of Western Europe.
Increased sales by 25% year on year.

1987-1988 Teledata (Israel)
Sales Manager To Bezeq.

1983-1987 ECI Telecom GmbH (Germany)
Technical Manager.
Assisting Deutsche Telekom with installation of Telecommunication

1972-1983 Bezeq (Israeli Ministry of Telcommunication)
Department Manager.
Manager of the department responsible for Alarms systems which
served all banks in the 3 major Cities of Israel, SOS Telephones on
the Tel-Aviv - Haifa Highway, National Wake-Up Service and the

1969-1972 Bezeq (Israeli Ministry of Telecommunication)
Manager of Radio-Telephone stations in the Sinai Desert.

Education 1962-1966 Bezeq High School for Electronics & Telecommunications.

Languages Fluent in Hebrew, English, German & Spanish.